Sometimes it’s all about your perspective. Cultural intelligence is about being able to adapt (not adopt) to new cultures no matter what comes your way. It’s essentially about how fast you can create new glasses in order to effectively understand and work with a culture unfamiliar to you. How fast are you at getting new glasses on? Metaphorically speaking of course

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Did you really go to Saudi? Experience the cuisine, the people and the streets

Saudi Tourism

Visiting a new country is not just about being physically there. It’s about experiencing what life is like in that world. No, you cannot claim that you have been to a country when all you’ve really experienced is its airport. Sorry to burst your bubble, but there are ‘rights of passage’ you have to go through in order to really say you’ve properly visited. For instance, if you were to visit Saudi for work or whatever other reason, it is hard to miss out on a restaurant known as Al Baik. It’s part of the experience.

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