The New Generation Can Publish a Book for Free

Have you ever dreamed of being an author? A real published author? It must cross every person’s mind at some point in their lives. It crossed mine when I was younger. The thought of having my picture and a quick biography at the back of a successful book was quite an appealing daydream on hot Friday mornings growing up in Saudi Arabia. It was never a top priority in my life ambitions. Especially since it required getting a publisher to believe in my work. Then came the Twenty-First Century.

Did you know that you can self-publish on and many other websites? The cost is just the amount of time it takes to put a book together. It is amazing to see how much of the world is changing. How small it is becoming. It went from not being allowed to put a book on the windowsill of the local bookstore down the street, to sharing it across the globe with the press of a button. Added bonus: saving paper!

What is the impact of self-publishing from the generational perspective? Our fore-fathers had to go knocking on the right doors to get someone to take a look. We click a button and the book is there for everyone to see with the “Look Inside” option. The cultures of the different generations is so easy to contrast because of the different opportunities each have had. The playing field around the world is leveling more and more. How fascinating a time to be alive! From the privacy of his room, a teenager who cannot even legally drive yet, can hypothetically compete with the likes of Malcolm Gladwell, Amin Maalouf, and Shakespeare in the market place. Something tells me that this shift is just the beginning. Hold on to your seats, everyone. The invention of the internet is an even bigger impact than anyone could have ever fathomed. Back to the Future had it all wrong!

The competition of new books has also increased exponentially. But the difference is that you have a chance at being a real author. And may the best succeed!Whispering Hearts - 20Feb2016

So I published a collection of my poetry! I had been writing since I was a pre-teen and had gathered some pieces that I was quite proud of. If you are interested in downloading the eBook, it is FREE for a limited time if you click here. Please share your opinion on the Amazon page, too! I would love to get feedback. Dare I say: maybe I should not be self-publishing? Let me know.



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  1. As usual, love your writing style. and yes, I have dreamed of writing a book.
    Is there a way I can download the book without signing up for Amazon?

  2. I loved it ❤️ Please viva how to download the book? I made an account but still cnt find the download button !!

    1. Hi Steph! I’m glad you enjoyed the post. To download the book you should have the kindle app downloaded onto your phone or tablet. Then go to and sign in. After that, you will need to search the website for ‘viva Liban’. The book will be the first to come up. If you select it, you will see a button: ‘buy now for free’ (don’t select the ‘read now for free- that is a kindle library program you have to pay for). Select that button. Then, get onto your kindle app and sign in and the book will automatically be under your library. Let me know how it goes! And please share your opinion of the book in the Amazon page reviews! So excited for your thoughts xo

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