Tim Hortons Car Service: If you are hungry please honk

Did you know that Tim Hortons has a car service? No, they do not fix your car while fulfilling an Iced Cappuccino order. It means that you can park right at the entrance and honk from your car to have someone from Tim Hortons staff leave the coffee shop and walk out to the terrace to take an order from your car windor. As instructed by the sign right outside the shop, please honk for attention. Not exactly drive-through technology here.

But this is not available in Tim Hortons shops across Canada and the US. Tim Hortons only takes special care of their customers in Kuwait and other parts of the Arabian Peninsula where it is the norm to have a ‘Honk’ service. Granted the drive-through option is not available for this particular shop, and yes, the invention of the drive-through has been introduced in the Middle East.

Ever since Tim Hortons Cafe & Bake Shops opened up in the Middle East in 2011 starting with Dubai, Oman, Saudi Arabia and then Kuwait in 2013, it has presented another side of the chain that I did not know existed. The twelve-grain bagel is still awesome but the drinks are sweeter, the cheese slices only available are processed, and the cream cheese is always badly jammed into the middle of the bagel hole instead of on the actual bagel bread.Yet, I find myself visiting every week because this sliver of Canada is comforting in the hot desert of Kuwait.

The car service takes it to another level! Honk at the shop’s door and you will be served a warm and overly sweetened French Vanilla from the comfort of your car. If only that was an option for the Tim Hortons shops in Canada that do not have space for drive-through, especially in -40 deg C weather. It would save us the two more minutes it takes to find the next Timmies shop around the corner with the sought-after car convenience. Maybe honking is just too loud for Canadians.

Cultural Intelligence at its best!

If you are hungry and near a Timmies in the Middle East, consider honking next time!

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