How Much Food Per Week Does Your Family Consume

Grocery bills are a regular weekly financial consideration all over the world. A team from Time Magazine traveled the globe taking pictures of families standing around all the food they consume in a week. Check out the Time Magazine post here.  The products and costs (in USD) were listed with these pictures. I have compiled the costs below. It is important to take note that these numbers are not averages. They heavily depend on the number of family members, the location of the families, and the quality of food they buy. Would you say they are accurate?

Chart Blog post - 20Feb2016
Values above have been rounded up for comparison purposes

Living in Kuwait, $222 USD a week seems to be an accurate amount for an eight person family (nannies included). However, my husband and I have easily spent that amount for just us. That would happen when we would be craving imported products or we went grocery shopping a little hungry.

I was really surprise to see that California seems cheaper than Texas. But then I realized that Texas had one more family member than California, which would make the difference in cost (almost $100 USD). Then I realized that this data may not be so comparable. Nonetheless, the colors of the foods are interesting and very telling of the climate in the area.

It would be interesting to look at more comparable data. Perhaps single, male, graphic designers across the world and their average weekly consumption expenditures. We would not want only one representative for each country, state or city. That would be more controlled for any deviations. Though, it may be easier to just look at the price of a McDonald’s Big Mac internationally, also known as the Big Mac Index, which is already done here.



What was your grocery bill this week?



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  1. Very interesting. I don’t know yet how much is our weekly budget for groceries. I live in GTA Canada. I will keep track, for this coming week and then get back to you.
    I enjoy your posts, please keep writing. Thank you.

  2. What a cool post. It’s interesting to see not only the amount they spend but the type of food they buy. I was suprized to see how healthy a family from Egypt was relative to France for example. Really cool! Though I know its just one family and not indicative of everyone.

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