Stop Believing Everything You Read On the Internet


It goes without saying that you should not believe everything you read on the internet, but how much of what you read do you actually consciously question? How sure are you of the sources? Did you consider the other side’s point of view? What if what you just read was not entirely true?

Sometimes reading something that supports our beliefs will automatically be fully and unquestionably trusted. And thanks to the internet, we have access to limitless information from thousands of sources so we’ll most likely find an opinion from every angle, just like the Rhino in the above image! Add to that how easy it is to share anything that suits your fancy and Voila! we have opinions mistaken as facts, and stories that are simply not true.

Examples That People Actually Believe

Though it is awesome to believe that the fetuses foot may in fact show this way, it is not true – even for the thinnest mama. However, this image circulated the internet and I once thought it was true.

believe this?
This is a photoshop-ed image…

Once, I stumbled upon a video on Facebook glorifying nature for the following supposed phenomenon:

huge spillway believe
This is a man-made spillway.. not a natural phenomenon

I researched to learn more about it and quickly found that the video that was being shared so easily on a popular social media site was actually an informational hoax.

I am worried about what this all means for understanding other cultures. Instead of bringing valuable and true information to users when it wasn’t available before, the internet can be brutal when it carries fake information so easily and makes it possible to spread it like a virus.

Be careful when you hit that share button.  Make educated shares and don’t believe everything you read on the internet.


Featured image of Rhino Comic is by Selçuk Erdem



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